Main Instrument Panel Overhead support CAD construction Cockpit shell

CAD Panel Design

 → 3D Design with

     instrument and

     switch positions

 →LED integral lighting

 →Export to CAM

 →Positions for interface

     pcb planned

CNC Panel Fabrication

→ Gluing polystyrol 0.5mm on acryl (transp.) 

→ Cutting and Milling for Backlight

→ Painting

→ Engraving

Simulation Bus System

→Bus system for instrument control

→Backlight control

→Less wireing work

→Better maintainance


Todays update is about original panels, since i received three new parts today. Some pictures and general information about the huge value original paneles add to a simulator can be found in Original Panels. In this section also future updates about newly aquired original flight deck parts will be published. Stay tuned... is a project documentation of a private home cockpit and its building process. In the community a private home constructed and built flight simulator is called a home cockpit. Various kinds exist from very basic generic general aviation setups with single monitors up to motion platform full airliner flight decks with collimated outside view systems.

Original panels (OEM) are an important resource for color and dimension information. I try to get as many used parts as possible to build more and more of the simulator based on them. EBay is a good place to search for parts. They usually have quite a lot of variance in price and quality. As long as they are not total scrap (which normally is not the case), I try to get them. Original parts gave me so much insight in panel technology that I confidently can call them one of the top 5 information and technology sources of my project.

Update on the Overhead section. Panel construction continued with the Hydraulic, APU Fire, Ext Lights and Cabin Pressurization panels. See the overview renderings and the detail renderings. The CNC g-code is generated from these CAD files, so the work is not primarely for illustration purposes.



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